How can I add/upload Fonts?


To upload fonts on the Cloud the first step is to install Fontyou and to launch it. 

Once these two steps are done, click on the Fontyou icon in the top menu of your computer (mac).

Click on "Upload your fonts". A popup will appears, select the folder you want to upload, select in which collection you want to upload your fonts and click on "upload". 

Fontyou will start to browse the folder and upload all the fonts that are in it. Click on Fontyou icon to see the progress bar of the upload. 

At the end of the upload a report will appear in a popup. 

NB: Your computer must be connected to internet during the whole upload and must remain awaken.



  1. Wait until synchronization is done
  2. Right-click on Fontyou
  3. Select the folder you want to upload
  4. Select in which collection you want to upload
  5. Click on upload & wait ;-)


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